Making Nice With The Devil’s Wife

Making Nice With the Devil's Wife
Making Nice With the Devil’s Wife
Little Redfish Lake – Sawtooths Idaho This is Little Redfish Lake in the glorious Sawtooths near Stanley, Idaho. I had a buddy way back when. Every time it rained outside when the sun was shining he would say “The devil was beating his wife” I thought about that this morning when I was all set up to take a photo at Little Redfish. The clouds were looming thick and I was just wishing for a little sun to poke through before it got too high in the sky. I figured, I should talk nice to the Devil’s wife, hoping she could make a little clear spot in the clouds her husband was putting in my way. She got me one very tiny clearing for a very short time. I left after the sun got higher in the sky but, it looked like a great day to be out on the trail. To all the Idaho photographers out there, the aspen trees have turned in the Sawtooths. They may be better next week but, you could go now and be happy with the color.