Breakfast at Mary's

Breakfast at Mary’s

Breakfast at Mary's

Breakfast at Mary’s – Strevell, Idaho

What is left of Mary’s Cafe and Strevell, Idaho.

Strevell was to be a town for the railroad which was a shortcut from Ogden to Burley by way of Monument Point in Utah for the Union Pacific Line. The railroad was built as far as Catrall, then through some misunderstanding work was discontinued. A railroad service would benefit the dry farmers and homesteaders in the area.

As I understand it, the construction of the freeway was the final blow that did Strevell in.

Strevell, Idaho is located on highway 81 about 3 miles north of the ID/UT border.

As you can see, I was too early to catch that ancient lilac bush in bloom. There were buds on it. For my future reference and anybody else that may care. The flowers should be spectacular and make a much nicer image around the last week of May – fist week of June. They were all blooming in Twin Falls, so, for future years… Twin Falls lilac bloom + 2 weeks is a good time.