Landscape photography of 
Brent Watkins

brent watkins

Brent Watkins

Photographer / Nerd

I am a hobbyist landscape photographer based in Nampa, Idaho. I love to explore the abundant and diverse natural landscapes of Idaho. With a bit of luck, I even capture a photograph or two along the way.  

I became involved with photography in the same manner as many other people.   I simply wanted to capture the sights and moments of various backpacking and road trip outings.  Over time, my passion for photography grew and continues to grow as I learn more about it on every photographic journey.  

In recent years I have begun to draw a great deal of inspiration from the art of the Romantic Era.   You will find that I try to mimic the bold color, fantastical light and grand sweeping landscapes that so moved the artists of the early nineteenth century.  I strive to convey more than the documentarian view of a location.  I hope to share the sense of awe and emotions I felt when the image was captured.   I’m also moved by the less classy but equally adventurous art of tourism posters and the unflappable Bob Ross.

I am not a prolific photographer.  I only get out once every couple of weeks for a hike or drive and many times I do not capture an image I am happy with.   To further shoot myself in the foot, I also have a tendency to delete older work from the web that I just don’t like the look of any longer.   That being said, the images that I do have posted, I am fairly proud of.  

If you have any questions about my work, or just want to say hello, feel free to get in touch with me on any of my social network accounts or via my “Contact” page.