Welcome to Spudalicious! My name is Brent Watkins.
I'm a landscape photographer based out of Nampa Idaho.
The best place to see all my photos is on Flickr.

What I Do

I draw a great deal of inspiration from the art of the Romantic Era. I try to mimic the bold color, fantastical light and grand sweeping landscapes that moved the artists of the early nineteenth century. I strive to convey more than the documentarian view of a location. I hope to share the sense of awe and emotion I felt when the image was captured. .


Who I Am

I am a hobbyist landscape photographer based in Nampa, Idaho. I love to explore the diverse natural landscapes of the American west. With a bit of luck, I even capture a photograph or two along the way.

You can see my work on a few different social platforms. Links to my social accounts are found in the footer. Don't be shy, be sure to say hello if you visit.


Contact Me

Feel free to click the envelope below to send me an email with any questions or comments..